Hi, we’re Oscar. We’re making a healthier life accessible and affordable for all.

Oscar is the first health insurance company built around a full stack technology platform and a relentless focus on serving our members. We started Oscar in 2012 to create the kind of health insurance company we would want for ourselves—one that behaves like a doctor in the family.We believe every American deserves access to affordable, high-quality health care that fits their life – whether families seeking coverage that works for toddlers and their busy parents, adults with chronic conditions who know their care providers by their first names, seniors choosing a benefits package that will serve them throughout their retirement years – and everyone in between.

We started Oscar to create a health insurance company that behaves like a doctor in the family.

Mario Schlosser, CEO & Co-Founder

Powered by our own differentiated full stack technology platform, we have built a suite of services that enable us to earn our members’ trust, leverage the power of personalized data, and help our members find quality care they can afford. We are proud to have earned industry-leading levels of trust, engagement, and customer satisfaction from the approximately 1M+ members who have chosen Oscar. 1

As we continue to bring the Oscar experience to new members, new states, and new markets, our goal will remain the same: to build engagement, earn trust, and help our members live healthier lives.

Some ideas about U.S. healthcare

Mario Schlosser, Oscar’s Co-Founder and CEO, unpacks why the current model for U.S. healthcare doesn’t work and how we’re leveraging technology to impact change and drive innovation.

Solving for the biggest challenges and frustrations with U.S. health care.

The U.S. health care system is the world’s largest and most expensive, yet health outcomes are worse than in other advanced economies. It shouldn’t be this way, and at Oscar, we believe it doesn’t have to be.We’re tackling health care’s biggest problems to provide more Americans with access to the affordable, high-quality health care they deserve. That starts with reorienting consumers’ expectations of their insurer, and earning something that is all too rare in the health insurance industry: member trust.

Oscar Member Engagement:

Through the power of the Oscar Member Engagement Engine, we earn member trust, leverage personalized data, and help our members find quality care they can afford.2


trust Oscar

to advise them on how and where to get care.


have a digital profile

and 47% are monthly active users.


higher mobile app

download rate than other insurers.


have interacted

with our digital or Care Team channels.


have used our Virtual

Care offerings3, among those with at least one medical visit. 


with a medical visit

use our tools to search for a provider.

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What we’ve accomplished

We founded Oscar in 2012 to provide consumers with access to the affordable, high-quality health care they deserve. We began by offering health plans in the Individual market because we believed it was where our member-first approach would set us apart. After only seven years of selling health insurance in the Individual market, our strategy has proved out.Oscar is now the third largest for-profit national insurer in the Individual market in the United States based on membership,4 and we expanded to Small Group in 2017 and Medicare Advantage in 2020. As of 2022, we have at least one health plan in 607 counties across 22 states and expect to expand in the years ahead both geographically and with respect to insurance markets.

Oscar over the years

A brief snapshot of our history.

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Founding & individual market launch

Founded in 2012, Oscar began offering individual plans in 2014, including 24/7 access to our evolving virtual care services.

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Enhancing member experience

In 2016, we began assigning dedicated Care Teams to each member and opened the Tempe Health Hub to support the growth of these teams.

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Launching new business lines

We launched the Oscar Provider Platform, and then our Small Group line of business. In 2020, Oscar launched Medicare Advantage as our third business line.

A map of the United States with icons on the states where Oscar offers health insurance plans

2020-early 2021

Scaling our offerings & geographic footprint

In 2020 we announced the launch of our Virtual Primary Care service5 and our 2021 geographic expansion to offer at least one plan in 291 counties across 18 states.


Who we are and what we stand for

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Oscar Team

Get to know our executive officers and members of our senior management team.

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Our Commitments

Oscar commitments to DI&B and accessibility, such as our Culturally Competent Care Grant. 

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Approximate members, as of January 2022
All member engagement statistics based on subscribing members, and are as of December 31, 2020.
Reflects percentage of subscribing members that have used our Virtual Care, among subscribing members who have had one or more medical visits.
Based on publicly reported membership figures for insurers serving the Individual market during plan year 2020.
Available beginning January 1,2021 at no additional cost in nearly all cases.