Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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Building a framework for equity & justice.

We founded Oscar because we saw the clear systemic flaws in the American health care system. Flaws that made it too expensive and too inconvenient for far too many Americans to obtain quality health care. We have seen that those barriers to care are worsened by both the conscious and unconscious biases that divide us.

At Oscar, we acknowledge that diversity, equity, inclusion, are not just buzzwords but are the fundamental principles that enable us to achieve our goals and support our employees and our members.

Mark Bertolini, CEO at Oscar

One of our company’s values is “Be Transparent.” We take pride in being transparent with our members, and we owe the same to our employees and stakeholders.

We recognize the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in the workplace. We believe that having a diverse employee base will empower our community, drive better business outcomes, and ultimately allow us to better serve our members.

Oscar Employee Resource Groups

ERGs serve as internal forums for discussion, support, and advocacy. These include:



supports employees who identify as a Person of Color (POC) at Oscar.



makes an impact in the communities we serve.

Women In Tech

Women In Tech

fosters connections within our community through networking events and programs.



promotes and addresses the needs of parents in the workplace.



empowers LGBTQIA+ people in the workplace.

Hola Oscar

¡Hola, Oscar!

empowers employees to grow their support network with colleagues and allies.


Mental Health Matters

offers mental wellness resources for employees and members.

Disability & Accessibility @ ERG

Disability & Accessibility@

serves and supports employees and members with disabilities.



supports employees who identify with the AAPI@ community.

Being part of Melanin has made me feel more connected to the Oscar community as a whole, but also to our mission of making a healthier life accessible for all.

Herry Pierre-Louis, Product Manager, Product

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