Hi! We're Oscar.

A new kind of health insurer.

We’re making a healthier life accessible and affordable for all.

Oscar is the first health insurance company built around a full stack technology platform and a relentless focus on serving its members. Oscar is powered by people from all kinds of backgrounds. They all have one thing in common: they care deeply and have a strong desire to make a frustrating healthcare system easier, more human and better for absolutely everyone.

We didn't start Oscar because we liked health insurance. It's quite the opposite.

Mario Schlosser, CTO & Co-Founder, Oscar Health, Inc.

Our values


What we do is a big deal.

We’re solving problems that change and save lives.


Powered by people.

Members above all. Developing and growing others is what raises the bar.


No genius without grit.

Be relentless. Be scrappy. Trying and failing beats not trying and changing nothing.


Seek the truth.

… but never assume you’ve found it. Be scientific.


Inspire & provoke.

Develop and display leadership at all levels. Fight to be the best.


Be transparent.

Give and ask for direct feedback. Be grateful for and excited by the help of others.


Make it right.

Admit your mistakes. Then learn from them. Never build alone.

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