Press Release

New York Small Businesses: Meet Your New Circle Plus Network

Nov 27, 2018
Nov 27, 2018
By Nick Reber, SVP of Network When we first launched Oscar for Business in New York in April 2017, we had a clear vision: to adapt our consumer-focused, technology-driven model to meet the health care needs of small businesses. We knew that our experience covering individuals--particularly our focus on our members’ experience-- would be directly transferable to small businesses who were also in need of a health insurance product that was simple, seamless, and affordable. But we also knew that we had to adapt Oscar to fit the unique needs of small business owners who often don’t have the resources or the capacity to manage health benefits for their entire teams. Over the last year, we have listened to our small business members and taken their differing needs into account. We are excited to announce an additional network option for small business members: Circle Plus. In addition to our existing small group product, Circle, which includes access to Mount Sinai Health System, Montefiore Health System, and Catholic Health Services of Long Island, Circle Plus will augment this foundational network with access to Northwell Health, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Westmed Medical Group. For small businesses looking to provide more options for their employees, they can now choose between Circle and Circle Plus -- both of which include access to top health systems in the Greater New York area who we are excited to partner with. Why Circle Plus? The most important thing we’ve learned is employers need to be able to give their employees more choices. Unlike individuals who can shop for the insurance plan that work best for them, employees must rely on their employers to make this choice for them. This puts significant pressure on employers to look for plans with a more extensive network of doctors; whether it’s because their employees have long-standing relationships with specific doctors or because their employees have a diverse set of health care needs, options are essential. Each new partner will provide greater options and choice in their respective regions: Northwell on Long Island, Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York City, and Westmed in Westchester. Altogether, this expanded network option will make Oscar for Business plans even more attractive to small business owners in New York and shows Oscar’s unique ability to be nimble and make changes to our product for the benefit of our members. As an Oscar member, they do not have to navigate the health care industry on their own and we will continue to adapt our offerings to best fit their needs.Small businesses can visit to learn more.