Press Release

Oscar Health, Inc. Announces Inaugural Culturally Competent Care Grantees

May 27, 2021
Jackie Kahn
May 27, 2021
NEW YORK, May 27, 2021 – Oscar Health, Inc. (“Oscar”) (NYSE: OSCR), the first health insurance company built on a full stack technology platform, today announced the first grantees for its Culturally Competent Care Grant program, which in its inaugural year offers a total of $200,000 in financial support to organizations that are increasing access to care to underserved populations.Culturally competent care means providing care to patients with diverse values, beliefs and behaviors, including tailoring delivery to meet patients’ social, cultural, and linguistic needs. A lack of sufficient culturally competent care options in the U.S. contributes to negative health outcomes in underserved communities. “As part of our mission to make a healthier life accessible and affordable for all, Oscar is committed to addressing ongoing issues facing many underserved communities,” said Co-Founder and CEO, Mario Schlosser. “The grant program builds on Oscar’s efforts to make care more accessible in the communities we serve. We are inspired by the work of the inaugural group of grantees and we believe the impact of their work will help change the way healthcare is delivered in the U.S.”Oscar received applications from dozens of organizations serving communities across 13 states. After careful consideration, four organizations were selected to each receive a $50,000 Culturally Competent Care Grant in 2021:
  • Culture Care, based in Oakland, CA, is a telemedicine startup that bridges the access gap for black patients to black doctors, addressing the blind spots in healthcare that disproportionately affect black people, with a focus on maternal and infant mortality. Founded by physicians, they provide access to care that is right-sized for individuals and their lived experience.
  • Diversity in Diabetes (DiD), based in Austin, TX, is dedicated to creating awareness and providing solutions to end health disparities and the lack of representation for people of color living with Diabetes. Services include virtual courses on prevention, self management, fitness and support groups.
  • Hispanic Unity of Florida, based in South Florida, serves families from the United States as well as more than 25 other countries, increasing healthcare literacy through their Te Ayudo program, among other programs and services that are offered in four languages - English, Spanish, Haitian Creole and Sign Language.
  • Mentoring in Medicine, based in the Bronx, NY, works with underprivileged students, from 3rd graders to students in health professional schools, increasing representation in the healthcare workforce and promoting health literacy in disadvantaged communities.
In addition to providing financial support, Oscar is committed to building ongoing relationships with the grant recipient. About Oscar Health Oscar Health, Inc. (“Oscar”) is the first health insurance company built around a full stack technology platform and a relentless focus on serving its members. At Oscar, our mission is to make a healthier life accessible and affordable for all. Headquartered in New York City, Oscar has been challenging the health care system's status quo since our founding in 2012. The company’s member-first philosophy and innovative approach to care has earned us the trust of approximately 540,000 members as of March 31, 2021. We offer Individual & Family, Small Group and Medicare Advantage plans, and +Oscar, our full stack technology platform to others within the provider and payor space. Our vision is to refactor health care to make good care cost less. Refactor is a term used in software engineering that means to improve the design, structure, and implementation of the software, while preserving its functionality. At Oscar, we take this definition a step further. We improve our members’ experience by building trust through deep engagement, personalized guidance, and rapid iteration.