$3 Prescriptions.* Yes, really.

Meds shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. So, we did some math and found ways to reduce drug costs to $3 or less for many common conditions.
$3 scripts

We have a $3 drug list, here’s how to use it

If you’re prescribed a new medication, just ask your provider to see if there’s a $3 option that works for you. Keep the list handy, so you’ll always know the costs of your meds.2023 Oscar member list | 2023 Cigna + Oscar member list2024 Oscar member list | 2024 Cigna + Oscar member list*Note: This list is not available in CA, NJ, or NY, or on Medicare plans, Catastrophic/Secure plans, Standard plans, or non-Cigna + Oscar Small Group plans.
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Got questions? Here are some answers.

    • Just because a drug is generic doesn’t mean it’s less effective. The FDA makes sure the same active ingredients are present in the generic substituted product and that the generic drug is as effective as the equivalent brand drug. (The only thing that’s really different are the inactive ingredients.)

    • Many of the meds on the $3 list are generic versions of a brand drug. And if you’re switching to a generic medication, your pharmacist can easily make the switch for you. 

      If you’re switching to a therapeutic alternative — meaning a different drug with similar effects — you’ll need to talk to your doctor. If the switch is right for you, they’ll just need to write you a new prescription for the more affordable alternative.

    • Good news! Yes. Drugs on the $3 list will always be $3, whether you’ve hit your deductible or not.

** Some medications may have quantity limits, which means you may only be able to obtain a maximum amount of a drug at one time. Quantity limits for a medication can be found on your plan’s formulary at www.hioscar.com/search-documents/drug-formularies

Did you know you can get most meds refilled online?