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Helping healthcare clients drive improved efficiency, growth and superior engagement with their members and patients.
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+Oscar is an affirmation of our founding vision to use Oscar technology to power the healthcare ecosystem.

Mario Schlosser, CEO & Co-Founder, Oscar Health, Inc.

+Oscar Member Engagement Engine

1. Earn trust & build engagement

9x higher mobile app downloads, 90% member retention, 47% monthly active users, 71% contact Care Team

2. Collect data & trigger interventions

13% ER reduction, 15% increase in annual wellness visits, 20% reduction in virtual no-show rates

3. Route care & deliver care

75% of members use Care Router, 2/3 choose a recommended provider, ~7% cost savings

4. Drive efficiency & lower costs

96% of claims <$30k auto-adjudicated with a 98.5% claims payment accuracy, 20% administrative cost reduction for a +Oscar partner
Oscar Member Engagement Engine

+Oscar offers its partners the ability to:

+Oscar offers its partners the ability to:

Lowering costs

Lower costs through an efficient, full-stack platform & health plan infrastructure

The +Oscar modern tech stack and operations allow us to deliver integrated, end-to-end health plan services with the administrative efficiency of far larger health plans. +Oscar enables provider-sponsored and regional health plans to overcome scale disadvantages and lower administrative spend, driving improved profitability.

Driving growth

Drive growth & retention through industry-leading member experiences

+Oscar offers compelling, marketable member experiences that catch the attention of brokers and members, while our tech stack enables flexible plan designs that can save money for members. At the same time, Oscar Care Teams and member engagement technology deliver a unique experience that is attractive to members and drives retention.


Power effective medical cost management through consumer-centric experiences

Our tech stack provides a customization toolkit to help route members and patients to the right care at the right time. Complex, member-centric workflows can be quickly configured by non-technical users across the +Oscar platform to deliver on value-based care objectives. The platform can create and A/B test scalable interventions for enrolling members in programs, closing care gaps, improving quality scores, enhancing value capture, and more.


Empower providers to manage care at scale

Bi-directional integrations with existing electronic medical records and workflow tools ensure that providers have visibility into insights derived from Oscar’s unique data assets and the ability to shape workflows to manage their patients.

Personalize Care Journeys and Automate Workflows

Campaign Builder

Campaign Builder is an engagement and automation platform that enables scalable, personalized interventions and automates workflows to drive growth, manage risk, and optimize admin operations. Built for non-technical users, risk bearing entities can use the tool to build “campaigns” that deliver interventions with multiple touch points over time to drive behavior change. Interventions are automated and delivered via HIPAA-compliant communication channels and integrated with the client’s existing systems, including CRMs, EHRs, and third-party tools. Campaign Builder’s has a proven track-record of delivering meaningful business results. For example, our annual wellness appointment program delivers in a roughly 15% increase in visits scheduled and a 20% reduction in no-shows. Programs focused on site of care use have seen a more than 13% reduction in ER visits.
Campaign Builder

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