Welcome to Oscar Primary Care

Routine care helps you stay well and on top of your health. Get convenient, high-quality primary care right from home with a provider dedicated to supporting you long-term — all for $0 per visit in select markets.*
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A whole team by your side

We make it easy to check in with your health on your terms. With Oscar Primary Care, your team includes a provider, a nurse, and a medical coordinator. So there’s always someone ready to listen when questions pop up.

One app connects you to everything

Schedule visits

Book video, phone call or messaging appointments quickly with the Oscar app.

Check in from anywhere

Meet with your provider whether you’re on your couch, at work, or on-the-go, simply by logging into the app.

Refill meds and get them delivered

Your provider can arrange to have meds delivered to your local pharmacy or your front door, whatever works for you.

Chat with your team any time

When something comes up, there’s no need to wait for another appointment, just message your medical team and they’ll quickly get back to you.
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Frequently asked questions

    • Oscar Primary Care is comprehensive care that comes to you by phone or video chat. You’ll usually talk to the same provider every time (and you can skip the waiting room). Best of all, your Oscar Primary Care visits are $0 in select markets.*

    • A video call is a great way to see your provider face-to-face, but you won't need a device with a camera to use Oscar Primary Care. You can always talk with your provider by phone.

    • You can book a phone or video visit right here, using the Oscar app, or logging into your Oscar account here.If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to create an online account and fill out your Health Profile by answering a few questions about your health history. Once that’s completed, tap “Book a Primary Care Visit” on your Oscar account home screen. Then you can choose a provider and schedule an appointment as needed. To get help with setting up an appointment, just call your Care Team or send them a message through your Oscar account.
    • Virtual visits by phone or video chat are $0 in select markets.* You can also message your provider between visits for $0.

    • Oscar Primary Care is not available if you’re outside your home state. For urgent care needs that arise while traveling domestically, use Oscar Virtual Urgent Care — visits are $0 and unlimited.

    • If you have a primary care provider that you’re happy with, we don’t recommend you use Oscar Primary Care. It is best and safest to have one primary care provider who can oversee your care. Having multiple primary care providers can lead to possible gaps in care, misaligned treatment plans, and increased risk of medical errors occurring. 

      That said, if you have a primary care provider, but are looking for a new one, Oscar Primary Care may be a great and convenient option for you. If you want to switch to Oscar Primary Care, we are happy to coordinate with your previous provider to get your medical records.

    • Your provider will assess your health and any existing conditions, and they’ll recommend a personalized care plan for you, which may include writing prescriptions. Your Oscar Primary Care provider will not write prescriptions for you that were prescribed by another provider or specialist unless they deem them medically necessary based on your specific needs.

      If you need a one-time last minute refill for something that was prescribed by a provider outside of Oscar Care, we encourage you to use Oscar Virtual Urgent Care. All Oscar members can use Oscar Virtual Urgent Care regardless of whether they have a primary care provider through Oscar Primary Care or not.

    • Oscar Primary Care is great if you’re looking to establish long-term care with a primary care provider. They get to know your unique needs and can help you manage your whole health, including chronic care management for issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, and more.When something urgent comes up, Virtual Urgent Care offers you a care alternative to get care right away for things like pink-eye, skin issues, minor sprains and bruises, flu, sore throat, etc. You can easily request a phone or message consultation from the comfort of your home through our app. However, if you’re having a medical emergency, go to your nearest emergency room or dial 911. 
*For 2024, Oscar Primary Care is available in TX (excluding HSA, Secure, and non-elite Bronze plans), NY (excluding Standard Silver, Standard Bronze, and Secure plans), South FL (Palm Beach, Miami-Dade, and Broward, excluding HSA and Secure plans), Northern/Central FL (excluding HSA and Secure plans), AZ (excluding HSA and Secure plans), GA (excluding HSA and Secure plans). Oscar Primary Care providers are employed by Oscar Medical Group, not Oscar Insurance Company or its insurance plan affiliates. Oscar Primary Care is only available to members 18 years of age and older. Prescriptions, visits and services may be limited at the provider’s discretion and Oscar Primary Care is not intended to be used in conjunction with another primary care consultation. Oscar Care in-person visits in conjunction with your virtual visit may have a copayment. Due to medical licensing laws, you must be in your home state at the time of your virtual visit. In Northern and Central FL markets there may be a cost share associated with your visit. Please view plan details here for more detailed information.
Oscar’s Virtual Urgent Care offerings are not available in US territories or internationally. If you have an HSA-compatible high-deductible health plan or a Secure plan, you won't be eligible for $0 visits. Prescriptions, visits and services may be limited per provider discretion.