Our tech team keeps it simple and human.

Healthcare is hard. Our technology team makes it better by building scalable and sustainable applications, infrastructure, and interfaces.

Meaningful projects that impact people:

    • We believe everyone deserves an accurate estimate for their health care. That’s why we’re building a tool that gives our members a clear picture of the cost of their care.

    • Our care team receives thousands of questions a day from our members—from payments to benefits. They need to know everything about everything. That’s why we’re creating a platform to make sure our members get the right information that’s exclusive to their experience and plan.

    • We put our all into our user experience so that members feel welcome and get what they need—quickly. We’ve built a branded library that’s web accessible and connects every web app at Oscar.

Learn more about our Technology teams

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Building takes brains and creative muscle. Our engineers help users navigate the complex healthcare industry through apps, elegantly distributed system design, statistical learning, and language theory.

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Product & Design

Our product managers and designers are building next-generation consumer experiences, technology, and infrastructure. They’re also expanding into new markets, creating better ways for healthcare providers to connect with patients, and optimizing internal operations and processes.

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Data & Analytics

Oscar’s data team puts our unique informational advantage to work throughout our organization, which is a big deal. From disease modeling to risk management and provider contracting to consumer transparency, we use data and analytics to make healthcare work for everyone.

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Information Technology

Oscar’s IT team oversees our internal infrastructure and user support. They manage internal networks, provisioning, inventory, and IT needs for our offices across the US. They’re the reason the entire team has the tools they need to make Oscar great.

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The Security team protects the data our customers entrust to us. That’s a big responsibility, and something we take great pride in. They also make sure our business operations are protected from threats, which is essential.

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