Hi, we’re Oscar. Smart, simple health insurance.

Modern technology for modern care

We’re using technology to simplify the entire health insurance experience. You can use our app to talk to a doctor and get prescriptions without ever leaving home. Keep track of your health history with a timeline and earn rewards for staying active with a free Misfit step tracker.

Oscar is for (almost) everyone

We currently offer plans to individuals, couples, and families living in parts of New York, New Jersey, California and Texas who don’t already receive health insurance from an employer. If you’re not in our area, stay tuned. We’re expanding quickly.

Help us make healthcare simple, smart, and friendly

As a team of engineers, designers, data scientists, healthcare experts and many more, we're on a mission to reinvent how care is delivered. Our goal is to have the happiest members paying the lowest costs for the healthiest outcomes.

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Oscar has the new-era tech pedigree to become the Spotify, AirBnB or Uber of health insurance.
Oscar has a more holistic and integrated online interface than established players...I have never had such an easy time with insurance in my life.
Oscar is setting itself apart from other health insurers by emphasizing technology, data and easy-to-understand explanations of its services.
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