Health insurance that actually works for you

We’re not just a health insurance company. We stand by your side no matter the question or the issue. We offer plans that make getting care easy and more affordable, so you don’t have to jump through hoops.
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Already a member? 

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Get the care you need

Make an appointment, get your digital ID card, and explore your account to learn about your plan.

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Renew your plan

Pay your next bill to renew coverage for 2023 – so you’re all set for the year ahead.

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Pick a PCP1

Find comfort knowing your primary care provider coordinates your health needs for the long haul.

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Find your doctors

See if your doctor is part of the Oscar network. (You’ll thank yourself later.)

Here’s how we work for you

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Connect to the right kind of care

Access providers that understand your language, race, ethnicity, and health situation.

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A Care Team by your side

We help answer your questions and save you money by finding you the highest quality care in your area.

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A healthcare app you’ll actually use

Schedule a doctor’s visit, refill meds, message your Care Team, and look up benefits – all on the go.

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Talk to a provider for $02

Talk to a provider in minutes for urgent issues from the comfort of your home!

If you do not select a PCP, Oscar may assign you a PCP. Consult your policy for additional details. This does not apply to Oscar members residing in New York, New Jersey, or Texas.
Oscar’s Virtual Urgent Care offerings are not available in US territories or internationally. If you have an HSA-compatible high-deductible health plan or a Secure plan, you won't be eligible for $0 visits. Prescriptions, visits and services may be limited per provider discretion.